How to Enable Barcode Scanner in Tally Prime

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Tally Barcode

How to Barcode Generator in Tally Prime

Tally Barcode Addon is very user define Modules user can easy barcode generate set label print add new custom fields

Auto Serial wise generate barcode and quick read & scan during the sales entry .

Maintain Barcode Size, Art No, Color, is Barcode labels.

Barcode Reports filters wise size , Art No, Color, Barcode numbers

Manufacturing Entry with Barcode Labels Advance

How to Generate Barcode
Most frequently asked questions of people How to get barcode from tally

  • Barcode is not directly available in Tally. No, there is no such feature of barcode in Tally
  • Yes, if you want to print barcode from Tally, then our TDL will help you a lot and it is very user friendly and you can easily print barcode from Tally.
  •  If your business is of garment or hardware or there is any product on which you want to put your own barcode, then this TDL will help you a lot where you can put your own barcode like your company name, stock item. Be it the name and barcode of MRP, price or any kind of your content or if you want to keep any kind of special code, then you can easily keep it in our barcode.
  • There are two processes to extract our barcode. The first process is that you can extract the barcode through Stock General and can also extract the barcode while making purchase entry. In both ways you can extract the barcode or if you have any such stock item. Which is lying in the opening balance and you want to extract its barcode from the opening, then you can extract its barcode very easily.

Barcode Addons

Features :

  • Custom Barcode Label Size Options
  • Print Labels of items Group-wiseCategory-wise or print individual item labels
  • Get the number of barcode labels from tally’s closing balance or set the number of labels manually
  • Option to print item description on label, instead of its name
  • Option, to print different Manufacturer/Supplier Name on each item
  • Option to Print a Label without the company Name
  • User can set starting position from where the barcode labels are to be printed on the sheet, hence stopping wastage of labels
  • Barcode Solution prints barcode on a regular A4, so no need to purchase a separate barcode printer. A regular printer will work
  • Easy to use, and comes with pre-configured settings. Tally storage methods to fetch item master, can be configured. Password to prevent un-authorized usage barcode label printing


Quick Scan Barcode

Barcode Label Print

Tally Barcode standard features user generate barcode and normal scan in sale vouchers quickly .

Tally Barcode Advance  features user generate barcode and normal scan in sale vouchers quickly  and check reports find barcode size wise colour wise, Art wise  reports  with multiple templates use including QR Code .

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All these prints are from our TDL Tally barcode from where you can easily print your level and customize the design.

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