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This is a Gas Modules Add-on for Special Customization for Gas Agency Dealers under Tally Mainly Dealers has more quires facing day by day how to manage our business under tally and maintain recorders which size of cylinder gas is purchase and which types of gas sales and how many empty cylinder and return in our company next is most important think  how will we know which costumer has now many cylinder lying around and how many cylinder is taken and what status in customer accounts. 

So in this Add-on we will updates all solutions for Gas Agency Dealers for every size of deal cylinders  selling  day by days and all reports will be showing in separately. (Shine Stacks)

ü  Each Party wise and cylinder size wise reports showing what i sold refilled cylinder and what is collect empty cylinder and how many cylinder closing in user accounts 

ü  All Party Wise and Cylinders Wise Reports easily showing same as first points

ü  Dashboard Reports is very helpful to your business this reports is complete showing only single click what is (purchase and how many size are purchase, how many cylinder which size are sold, how many empty cylinder are collect in our company which sizes and how many empty cylinder return to our suppliers. 


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